Original Hippo Art

Helo Hippo - Cap

Not only baseball players own caps.. But everyone who wants to protect their face from sunlight or simply wants to look cool.


Helo Hippo - Umbrella (small / big)

Unfortunately, raindrops are not lemon drops and gumdrops- so you do have to be prepared with an umbrella. Hip Hippos gives you two cool options:

Small Umbrella:

Big Umbrella:


Helo Hippo - Organic Grocery Tote Bag

Do you have not some, but thousands of plastic grocery bags at home? I know I do.. And this was the perfect solution for me.


Helo Hippo - Canvas Tote Bag

If you’re not the backpack kind of person, you might find this canvas tote bag just perfect for you.


Helo Hippo - Mug

If you are a tea drinker, coffee drinker, or just happen to love nice cups + Helicopters + Hippo = then this is the Hippo for you!


Helo Hippo - T.Shirt

If you don’t want to decorate your house with an original painting or print, you can get the Hip Hippos collection as a t-shirt.

Choose the Hippo and color of shirt, contact us, and we’ll send it.


Artistic Hippo

Hippo enjoys doing many activities. One of Hippo’s favorite activities is painting. If you love to paint and would like to have a painting partner, Hippo will be there.


Surf on Hippo

Hippo loves to exercise. One of his favorite things to do is surfing.

Do you like to exercise? If there’s a sport you love doing and you’d like to see Hippo practicing it as well, speak up and Hippo will try it for sure.


Hippo in Paris

Like most of us, Hippo loves to travel all over the world. It was very hard to decide where to go for his first trip, but ultimately decided to visit Paris.

Since Hippo loved his traveling experience, Hippo will continue traveling all over the world. If you have any suggestions for following trips, we’d love to hear them.


Hippos in New York

Hippos were originally created in New York. And like most of us, getting to know your own city is a must, don’t you think? Especially one as amazing and fun as New York City.

There are so many places to visit in New York City, but the Statue of Liberty is definitely a popular place to visit, not only as a tourist, but as a resident of this area.

So if you’re from the Big Apple or have been here, why not have an amazing painting of an amazing place..